9/29 Posts

Petey first start as Temple beats Rutgers 2-0

Watched Evan assist in first goal of 2-0 Vassar win over Scranton


9/28 posts

Danny and Elon tie Duke 1-1

Tolani and Wake fall to South Carolina 1-0

PatrickL and Hopkins fall to Salisbury (I think Salisbury is a real D3 powerhouse)


Posts for 9/24 – 9/26


Vassar Loses but Evan plays (1 shot)

Jonny in action during a loss to Adelphi (at Princeton – all 3 boys at Princeton back to back)

Richmond @ Princeton (Paz and PatrickO marked each other in a Stoga / Velez matchup) Paz’s first start


Catholic 3-2 loss (Ian)

Petey and Dalton play as Temple loses 2-1

Vassar loses again now to Clarstown (get those goals in Evan!)

Maxie Plays as Tartans keep rolling

Julien prominent in 2-0 win over Conn College



Hopkins vs Haverford and PatrickL plays some.

Daniel and Elon win 4-1 over Davidson

Tolani and Wake beat Greensboro and T plays 90 minutes

Kevin being creative


Paz vs Jonny (Richmond vs Penn @ Princeton invitational)

Julien and Amherst blank Bridgewater 5-0

PatrickO starts as Princeton blanks Adelphi 3-0

9/22 Gogo Athlete of the week and other posts

Gogo is Athlete of the Week at Otero. Did I mention this team can play?

On Monday I watched Ian play at Rutgers Camden.

Tuesday saw Tolani play at Wake and PatrickL play at Hopkins.

Wednesday saw Petey play for Temple against Rider.

9/17 – 9/19 update – Trip to Colorado

PatrickO with U9’s after Princeton @ Villanova

Other Photos

3600 miles with CMU @ Colorado College and 2 Otero JUCO games in La Junta, CO.  Finally, return for Princeton @ Nova.  Lots of frequent flyer miles.


Watched Maxie  score a goal. Carnegie did not string 4 passes all game and did not attempt a pass less than 30 yards until the 85th minute.  Maxie said it was the ridiculous altitude at 6000+ feet above sea level!  Maybe he’s right.

Watched Gogo Kollie score 2 and Charles get yet another yellow card after wrecking a guy.  This Otero team is the shit!  They play “Velez soccer on Cocaine.”  The entire team is latin and african!  And they play at 4000 feet

I failed to mention that Sullivan had his debut earlier in the week.

Julien plays in a draw to Tufts.  Lets go Julien, get that offense going!

Penn loses as Jonny sees more CB action.  There goes the top 25 ranking.

PatrickO plays again.  Pat, lets start getting in the main columns by changing the games!

Daniel impacting games at Elon!


#5 Hopkins loses but PatrickL plays

Watched Maxie play Wheaton and CMU wins CMU played much better against a better opponent.

Watch Gogo Kollie and Charles wreck Nebrasca JUCO that was quite good playing a 3-4-3.

Tolani starts at Center back and Wake beats #2 UVA – JOLANI starting at CB for their respective clubs.


Petey plays gainst Fairleigh Dickinson

Jonny starts for Penn against Georgetown

Daniel changing the game for Elon against Coastal Carolina

Evan the points leader at Vassar

Julien finally gets into the recap in a 7-0 win

Coach PatrickO against Nova

Voltaire passes Fitness test and debuts in 2-0 win against BU