9/3 – 9/9 – Games within 2 hours

Friday, September 3
2:30pm TemplevsColgate @ Lafayette (Petey, Dalton)
7:30pm Penn @ St.Joes (Jonny)
Saturday, September 4
7:00pm Princeton @ Fairleigh Dickinson (PatrickO)
7:00 PM Buffalo State @ Hopkins (PatrickL)
7:00 PM Elon @ UNC-Charlotte (Daniel) – online: http://www.fansonly.com/schools/ncch/allaccess/index.html?media=188308
Sunday, September 5
2:30pm Temple @ Lafayette (Petey, Dalton)
5:00pm LaSalle @ Penn (Jonny)
7:00pm Akron @ Wake (Tolani – Great Game – Maybe online?)
7:00pm Catholic @ Hopkins (Ian and PatrickL)
Tuesday, September 7
7:00pm Princeton @ Lehigh (PatrickO)
Wednesday, September 8
4:00pm Hopkins @ York (PatrickL)


2 Responses

  1. All games seem to be televised through the home team, Elon has all of their home games on the Elon site, the away games are on the sites of the opposing team. For Elon, the away games cost $5.00@

  2. You can also post your comments like when a far away game is to be televised. I watched Daniel Lovitz online!

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