Posts for 9/24 – 9/26


Vassar Loses but Evan plays (1 shot)

Jonny in action during a loss to Adelphi (at Princeton – all 3 boys at Princeton back to back)

Richmond @ Princeton (Paz and PatrickO marked each other in a Stoga / Velez matchup) Paz’s first start


Catholic 3-2 loss (Ian)

Petey and Dalton play as Temple loses 2-1

Vassar loses again now to Clarstown (get those goals in Evan!)

Maxie Plays as Tartans keep rolling

Julien prominent in 2-0 win over Conn College



Hopkins vs Haverford and PatrickL plays some.

Daniel and Elon win 4-1 over Davidson

Tolani and Wake beat Greensboro and T plays 90 minutes

Kevin being creative


Paz vs Jonny (Richmond vs Penn @ Princeton invitational)

Julien and Amherst blank Bridgewater 5-0

PatrickO starts as Princeton blanks Adelphi 3-0


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