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Max in action on Sunday

Official Elon video of the Wake game – Danny in action!

Velezians in Action


Daniel and Elon defeat GA Southern 1-0

Julien and Amherst beat Trinity 1-0, clinch spot in NESCAC touney

Maxie and CMU fall to Case Western 2-1.  Maxie active in the game again.

Temple (Petey and Dalton) get spanked by St. Louis 3-0


Vassar and Evan fall to RPI 1-0.  This concludes Evan’s  soccer season.

Ian’s goal puts Catholic in the post season.  Catholic 1 – Moravian 0

Tolani and Wake beat Boston College 4-3.

PatrickO and Princeton beat Cornell 1-0.  Undefeated in Ivy leading to showdown with Penn

Jonny and Penn beat Brown 1-0.  Undefeated in Ivy leading to showdown with Princeton

PatrickL and Hopkins beat Washington College 7-0


Dalton and Temple beat UNC Charlotte 2-1

Max and Carnegie lose to Rochester 1-0.  I was there for that game.  It was a good one.  Carnegie dominating most of the action for 80 minutes and up 1-0 when a boneheaded unsportsmanlike yellow card gets their #8 center forward a soft red.  Down a man, Carnegie allowed the Rochester backs the space and time to server and gave up two quick goals to lose 2-1.

Julien and Amherst win 1/4 finals of NESCAC over Colby 3-0.  They advance to the semi’s next weekend at Bowdoin.


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Velezians in Action

PatrickL starts again at the Battle of Gettysburg.  Hopkins 1 – Gettysburg 0

Updated the Daniel and Tolani video from yesterday.  See below!

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Velezians in action

Daniel and Elon fall to Tolani and Wake 2-1 in OT.  I was there for that one.  Great game.

Updated Video!

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More Recognition

Ian – Landmark Conf Player of the Week

Ian, Landmark Conference Player of the week!

Otero – Gogo #10 and Charles #7

Gogo and Charles win their conference. Headed to Districts against Momudu, maybe!  Did I ever mention how freaking good this team is?

“REGION IX CHAMPIONS! Otero’s soccer team will travel to Arizona for the District Championship between Regions I, IX and XVIII November 5-6. The National Tournament will be held in Tyler, Texas if they win the district championship.”

Tying up Loose Ends
Missed McIntre playing for Rochester and defeating Lycoming 5-2 on 9/25/2010

Danny footage

In exactly 24 hours, I will hopefully be watching Daniel live against Tolani.   How much fun will that be?????

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Velezians in Action:


Petey and Dalton play as Temple falls to U. Mass 1-0


Tolani and Wake fall to Maryland 3-1. Amazing game to watch

Sullivan and RIT fall to Ithica 1-0

Julien and Amherst beat Wesleyan 2-1

Evan and Vassar tie Skidmore 1-1

Ian and Catholic tie Drew 1-1

Voltaire and Brown beat Cornell 2-0

Daniel (assist) and Elon fall to Appalachian St. 2-1


Max scores 2 beating Bethany 6-1

Maxie scores two as CMU beats Bethany 6-1

Petey, Dalton, and Temple beat URI 1-0

Evan and Vassar fall to Union 1-0

PatrickO and Princeton beat Harvard on ESPNU 2-1.  I think he actually shaved for the occasion.

Leading Velezian Goal Scorers

## Player GP-GS G A Pts Sh Shot% SOG SOG% GW PK-Att
10  Ian…. 16-9      8 0 16 33 .242      16    .485      2 0-0
17  Max 13-2      5  1 11 23 .217       9      .391       1 1-1