Posts for 11/19 – 11/21


Gogo and Charles fell in the consolation bracket 4-1 in the NJCAA championships.  The coach was playing the bench and trying new formations.


Babson eliminated by Middlebury 1-0

Julien and Amherst fall to Bowdoin in PK’s 1-1 in regulation to end season

PatrickL and Hopkins fall to Ohio Wesleyan 1-0 ending season

This concludes the Velezians run in the NCAA D III tourney which saw five players in the opening round and three in the sweet 16.  Congrats boys.


Brown beat U Conn to advance to sweet 16

Jonny and Penn fall to Maryland 4-0.  Got to see this one.  Jonny was put in early as Penn went down 2-0.  Changed the game again playing some really beautiful balls over the top.  The quality of his service was impeccable.  His 1 v 1 defending against some of the best players in America was also impressive.  The refereeing was typical for what we get in Maryland with the local team getting all of the calls.  Unfortunate as the referee played a very large part in the outcome.

This leaves Voltaire as the lone Velezian whose team is still alive in the tournament.


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