Results for Week Ending 10/21/2012



Velezians in Action

Tolani – Wake beats NC State 3-1

Kevin – Babson ties Springfield 0-0

Kevin – Babson beats Easter Conn State 1-0 in OT
(Got to watch this one.  In the coach’s brain, no cause vs effect.  Insert Kevin into game, team flows through all thirds of the field so it must be time to pull Kevin out and get stuck in our half.  Dumbass!)

Lemonick – Navy loses to American 3-2

Julien and Milton – Amherst ties Wesleyan 1-1 in OT
(heard on Julien was absolutely amazing in this one)

Evan – Vassar beats Hunter 2-0 with Evan getting on the sheets

Jonny – Penn continues struggles with 2-1 loss at Yale but Jonny makes sheets

Voltaire – #18 Brown downs #10 Cornell 2-0

Ian – Catholic beats #19 Scranton 1-0



Patrick – Princeton beats Harvard 2-1 with an inspired birthday boy making the sheets
Video of Goals (more set pieces)

Danny and Charles – Elon beats Applachian St. 1-0
I will be enjoying the new Elon brand of boot ball against Tolani and Wake tomorrow)

Petey – Cinci beats Rutgers and one excited Connor Hurff (summer player) 1-0.  
(Got to hear all about this one from Connor after the game as he finally makes the field for Rutgers)



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