Results for Week Ending 9/8

Charles Scores Game Winner

Charles Scores Game Winner


Voltaire Scores Game Winner

Ian Landmark Conference Player of the Week

Velezians in Action

Kevin at Babson:
Beat Bridgetwater State 1-0
Lost to Brandeis 1-0

Philly United at Rutgers Camden:
Beat Cabrini 2-0
Beat Eastern Mennonite 5-0
Beat Arcadia 5-0

Ian at Catholic:
Beat Shenandoah 5-2
Tied Washington and Lee 1-1

Evan (hurt) at Vassar:
Lost to Haverford 2-1

Julien and Milton at Amherst are hurt but Justin representing:
Beat New England College 4-1
Beat Middlebury 2-1

Max at Carnegie:
Lost to Dickinson 2-1 in  a heartbreaker I got to witness
Beat Elizabethtown 1-0

Sully at RIT:

Sully scores as RIT beats Elizabethtown 2-1
Lose to Dickinson 3-0


Charles and Danny (hurt) at Elon:
Charles scores game winner against Mercer 3-2
Beat Presbyterian 3-0
Who are these schools?

Voltaire at Brown:
Game winner for Voltaire 1-0 over Bryant
Tie Providence 1-1

Patrick at Princeton:
Lose to Fairleigh Dickinson 3-0

Peter at Cinci:
Lose to St. Louis 3-0
Beat Evansville 2-0
Some crazy scores for Cinic.  Let’s get it together boys!

Jonny at Penn:
Beat Stony Brook 2-0
Beat Sacred Heart 5-0
Who are these teams?

Tolani at Wake:
Blank Boston College 2-0



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